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Massive update this week! There's a lot more furniture we've wanted to add, but have held off because they are mostly containers for other items and it represented a lot of UI work. Finally we shrugged our shoulders and said "screw it," and here we are.  At the same time, we've gotten feedback from players that banditry is extremely difficult because it's hard to actually get anything from another character or intimidate them if they have nothing to lose. So we've rebalanced inventories in a major way to address this and make mugging and burglary much more viable.

Full changelog:

  • You now have a limited number of items you can carry in your inventory before you are slowed down. It's called **encumbrance**. Your maximum encumbrance is based on your Prowess. Most people will probably have 7-10; we will test out this number and adjust it as time goes on. That means you can hold 7-10 items in your inventory without being slowed down. Small items count the same as large ones, so you can no longer carry a hundred berries around in your inventory.
  • New forest crafted item: Leaf Bag. Bags can hold items inside them, allowing you to carry many more items without getting overencumbered. Leaf bags require only a bit of string to create and a nearby tree, but they can't hold many different items, a lot of any one item, or items that are individually very large. They should be fine for carrying scrounge and stuff, or basic storage while you are new.
  • New tailored item: Tanglecloth Bag. These are the more expensive bag variant that can hold a lot more and a larger variety of items.To use an item on a container instead of putting it inside, hold down Ctrl while dragging and dropping.
  • New tailored item: Coinpurse. Coinpurses can hold quite a lot of coins, but only coins. That'll be especially useful for when you're hauling around 5 competing currencies. Just watch out it doesn't get snatched off you!
  • New wood armory item: Quiver. Quivers can store lots of arrows, and you can hold a quiver and your bow will pull arrows from it automatically. You can select which slot you want your quiver to pull arrows from, as well, if you have a specific stack of arrows you'd like to fire.
  • New forest crafted item: Ammo Bag. They work the same as quivers, but for slingshot feed.
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  • New smithed item: Keyring. Keyrings are like coinpurses but for keys. You can use keys without taking them off of a keyring (if the keyring is in your inventory). Keyrings will also display the key's label instead of the name of the item, making it easier to tell what's what at a glance.
  • As a result of these changes, looting/pickpocketing have been adjusted so that you can take, at maximum, 1-2 items from a victim at a time. Since people will be carrying a lot fewer items in their inventory, there's a good chance that will be a container with other valuable items in it. You can also protect yourself from looting and pickpocketing by carrying a bunch of junk in your inventory. As before, being looted adds 2 seconds (which stack) to the time during which other players cannot do anything hostile to you after you wake up from being downed.
  • Rucksacks and backpacks can now hold items instead of raising the maximum weight you can carry. Since it's harder to loot something off of your body than out of your inventory, this is a safer place to store your stuff while traveling. For the time being, you can't store bags in them; we may revisit this depending on how the balance shakes out.
  • Anvils now count as furniture.
  • New smithed item: Metal Fittings. These will be used for wooden furniture that has metal parts.
  • New furniture item: Chest. Chests can hold lots of items of various sizes, including bags. By default, chests can be accessed by anyone, even while locked in a burrow. If you want to restrict access to a chest, you need...
  • New smithed item: Furniture Key. Furniture keys can be used to control access to chests and other lockable containers. You can lock chests the same way you lock doors; drag them onto the chest while it's in your inventory or nailed down in your locked burrow. The main difference is that rather than being only usable by the burrow owner by default unless keyed, chests are usable by anyone by default unless keyed.
  • "But Ethos," I hear you say. "Why should I use these new chests at all except as very large bags, when I can make a closet and stuff all my things into there where only I can ever access them?" Good question. That is not going to be the case in the future. In the future, countertops will become climbable and blinkable. This means that you will be able to use the Climb skill to scale them, and they will no longer block a Blink on top of them. In order to avoid rendering everyone's everything trivially stealable overnight, this is not happening yet. You will have plenty of time to move all your stuff into chests. But you should start doing it now. "But Ethos," I hear you say again. "How will shopkeepers display their goods?" Good question. You need...
  • New furniture item: Display Case. Display cases are like chests but can hold only one thing. Like chests, you need to key them to prevent people from getting into them, even if they're locked to the floor. Unlike chests, the item inside can be seen through it. To make them, you'll need...
  • New item: Glass Pane. Alas, the secrets of Kalrisian glassblowing are still lost to time, so you need to find these through scrounging. I encourage you to explore to find out where.
  • The changes to countertops won't go into effect until you've had plenty of time to reorganize (two to four weeks most likely, depending on how fast the new containers are produced), but you also won't get a ton of advance notice (because this **is** your advance notice) so start adjusting to the new paradigm now and treat countertops as mostly worthless for security until they are.
  • New furniture item: Crate. These are more or less identical to chests, but require no metal to make, and can't be locked. Mostly we imagine they'll be used to ship large numbers of items.
  • New furniture item: Jewelry Box. These can be nailed to tables, and can only hold rings and amulets. Like chests they can be keyed. Useful for storing your jewelry in your burrow or carrying it around with you more conveniently.
  • New furniture item: Mailbox. They accept only letters (stamped or otherwise) and can be keyed. Anyone can insert mail into them, but only people with access can take it out. Perfect for leaving messages for people.
  • New furniture item: Delivery Box. Similar to the mailbox, but for any item which can be placed in a chest or crate. These are better for dropping off deliveries, e.g. orders you've made at shops. Particularly large deliveries, like furniture, will still need to be signed for.
  • New furniture item: Bookcase. They can only hold books, and can't be keyed, but can hold a lot more books than a chest. Also, they look nice.
  • New forest crafted item: Caltrops. They are crafted from stone and can be dropped on the ground; if you step on them, it will stun you briefly and consume them. This should solve the problem of people blazing past bandits at full speed without stopping. If you spread them across a road, it will at least give you enough time to tell people to stop and give chase if they don't. Watch your step...
  • You can no longer hold items except for weapons, shields, and certain containers like quivers and ammo pouches that are used for weapons, as well as crafting items like mortars and pestles. You can never hold more than one thing in your hand at a time anymore. (Anything you were holding has been unequipped for this purpose.)
  • Wood Armory shields now require metal fittings to make, which will affect the color of the shield boss and that they will now be made with.
  • New Purple Magic spell: Deliver. Deliver allows you to send a single item to the inventory of a chosen target. Like Teleport and Summon, it requires consent which can be overridden at a difficulty penalty. Beware, if the spell goes awry you may lose what you were sending...
  • New furniture item: Training Dummy. Training dummies can be used to practice fighting and casting spells. They can't hit back... yet. Currently they have unlimited health but this may change in the future. We'll also add the ability to rotate them in the future. Now that this has been added, you can no longer attack yourself.
  • Raccoons, badgers, and mice now have 2 new skins each. Skunks and squirrels will have their new sprites released in a future patch.
  • Characters who are knocked out by external damage (i.e. not hunger or thirst) will now receive a temporary Scarred effect which reduces every stat by 1. This effect stacks, and lasts for some time. We hope that this will make people reconsider talking smack to armed badgers just because they have no items to loot. Nonviolent characters with scars will also gain justification to fight the player who scarred them for as long as the scars last.
  • New trait: Ascetic. Characters with this trait can't eat cooked food.
  • New trait: Highborn. Characters with this trait would rather starve than eat raw food.
  • Added an amulet equipment slot separate from the neck slot.
  • Sprinting and Running have been rebalanced to have their effect based on degree of success, like other skills. This should make low investment less impactful, though still worthwhile.
  • You can now choose who a Doorbell sigil is tied to, similar to how you choose who to Mindlink or Psychic Tether.
  • You can now light fires on top of rugs, even though this doesn't make a ton of sense and wouldn't be very safe, since it does look nice.
  • You can now eject knocked-out players from burrows.
  • You can now knock on locked burrows.
  • You can now choose how many skill points you gain from a skill book, and it will tell you how many skill points it will cost before you commit.
  • Characters with the Total Pacifist trait may no longer wear armor. This ensures they cannot insert themselves into fights like meatshields; not as effectively, anyways. It also brings them into line with restrictions on defensive combat skills like Dodge and Shield Use.
  • When pushing someone while neither of you are in hostile intent, you switch places with them instead.
  • Finally fixed rugs not going underneath ladders and doors.
  • Countertops and players no longer experience "pop-in" for their sprites when you enter a busy zone, and other players load in with their proper facing.
  • Tanglecloth sacks now cost 8 tanglecloth to make instead of 10.
  • To encourage scrounging the whole map, zone-based scrounging penalties have been extended. Currently, people don't scrounge often enough that this penalty is ever really relevant to them separate from the personal penalty, because it resets so quickly. Hopefully with this change you'll see frequently-trafficked areas actually run low on stuff.
  • There should be longer periods of sunny weather now.
  • If you were carrying too many items before the update and now can no longer move, please DM me. I can hold onto your items until you have a bag to store them in, or help you transport them to your burrow. I'm told by reliable sources that cordweed is in extreme abundance, so it shouldn't be too long until there's plenty of leaf bags to go around.

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