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Farwoods is an online roleplaying game set in a world of forest critters, populated entirely by other players. Create your character and launch into a story written just for you, interwoven with the stories of countless other creatures making a living in this storybook fantasy realm. You decide who you want to be: scavenger, shopkeep, crafter, bandit, blacksmith, mage, tailor, pickpocket, scribe, bodyguard, messenger, barkeep, duelist, and more. There are no set classes, only the means by which you decide to make a living.

Where a great island empire once stood, only ruins remain. Years after its fall, divided factions of its squabbling descendants vie for control and sue for peace. Warrior animals ambush travelers on the road, and pledge their swords to causes both noble and nefarious. Scavengers eke out a meager existence, collecting the resources tradescreatures will need to rebuild the society that has been lost to time. Inns, shops, shrines, and other burrows serve as nexuses of commerce and gossip, as well as valuable targets to rob and burgle. Animals of all shapes and sizes, ambitious and humble, generous and hostile, must find their place in this nascent society and put their skills to good use.

Experience character progression that respects your time, and allows you to advance your skills without grinding. You receive skill points at set intervals, and can spend the intervening time doing whatever you want, freeing you to socialize and roleplay and still be rewarded. All time spent playing progresses your goals, whether you're gathering materials, exploring, making trades, or hanging out in the tavern.

Expect to lose yourself in the immersive living world, drawn into the stories of your characters: the people they meet, the friendships they form, and the struggles they undertake. Choose a place on the island to call your home, and creatures to call your allies. Travel to distant lands, and don't be surprised if things are very different when you return.


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Farwoods Linux sits seemingly forever on "downloading game files". Any advice on what to mess with?

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I'll ask one of our Linux players to take a look, but my guess would be that it's network related and not that it's Linux.

In the meantime, feel free to join the Discord so we can more easily get back to you.

No worries! Network issues are no surprise for me.