Furniture & Dyeing Update

This week, a large update! We've added several decor items to expand the furniture system: rugs, tapestries, beds, lampposts, and stools. We've also added an initial implementation of the dyeing system, allowing us to color these new items, and existing clothing!

Full changelog:

  • Leaves can no longer be acquired through scrounging.
  • New scrounged item: Feather
  • Graphics for arrows and pens have been changed to use feathers instead of leaves. Crafting recipes have also been changed accordingly. - Your leaf stockpiles are now useless! Leaf blankets currently still function normally but will be phased out with the changes to resting in the coming weeks. Feel free to keep them around as collectibles or just scrap them, there will be no new ones. A leafless forest.
  • New tailored item: Blanket
  • New tailored furniture: Rug
  • New tailored furniture: Tapestry
  • New woodworking furniture: Stool
  • New woodworking furniture: Bed
  • New woodworking furniture: Lamppost
  • Stools and beds, as well as the new tanglecloth blankets, will be the backbone of the new rest system which aims to make sleeping less of a frequent interruption in gameplay. They will also be nice for decorating your burrow with along with rugs and tapestries. These items are the first of many furniture items to come which will allow you to spruce up your burrow. Right now they are purely decorative.
  • You can hang tapestries on walls by dragging them onto the burrow wall while it is locked. Currently if the wall is one tile thick they'll show up on both sides. This may change in the future.
  • Furniture dropped in a locked burrow is now locked by default unless there's another furniture item there already. You can't have two locked furniture items on top of each other anymore; dropping furniture items onto locked furniture will just drop it regularly rather than placing it.
  • Lampposts are a replacement for the "leave charged fire crystals on the ground" meta. They shine brighter and will hold their charge for weeks instead of days, but are more difficult to charge, but also don't shatter.
  • New scrounged item: Inkberry
  • New scrounged item: Waxberry
  • The intended purposes of these items are not done yet but they have been implemented in advance so they can be used in dyeing. - We've added an initial, temporary implementation of dyeing to Tailoring. You can currently dye items made with Tailoring by selecting an alternate recipe that uses a berry of the appropriate color. In the future, these berries will be used by Pestling to make dyes that anyone can use and freely dye and re-dye clothing and furniture (and likely armor as well). For now the item is stuck as its original color.
  • Fixed a bug where fire crystals and such appeared to be unlit in the popup when you looked at them.
  • Cooking, Brewing, and the Repair spell will be reworked this month so look forward to that.

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